We provide custom design assistance and engineering consultancy to suit the varying needs of both niche and diversified markets. Customer requirements are studied meticulously by our technical experts to offer enhanced design alternatives despite giving cost effective solutions. Our competitive advantage lies here in terms of service and cost differentiations which simultaneously ease satisfied customers while exceeding their expectations.


We offer both upstream and downstream manufacturing capabilities with specialisation in tight tolerance, high precision and quality extrusions for a wide range of aluminium parts and components in the automotive, refrigeration, building & construction, electronics, furniture, event / showcase stand and many other engineering applications comprising both standard and custom designs. We possess an 800 metric tonnes extrusion press machine capable of extruding these series of aluminium alloy : 6063, 6060, 6005, 6061 and 1050.


We offer a broad range of value-add services through our comprehensive automated workshop and state-of-the-art technology all housed within a 2.5 acres manufacturing plant.
  • CNC machining center
  • Automated milling, drilling, grinding, tapping, threading, lathe working, sawing, bending, shearing, forming, stamping and riveting
  • Laser technology for cutting, welding, marking / engraving and barcoding


We possess the knowledge, well equipped skills and surface finishing equipment in metal finishing, capable of offering customised finishing tailored to your specific needs. Our anodising and electroless nickel plating lines are capable of producing standard finishing and coating thickness for anti-corrosion, wear resistance and chemical resistance properties. Aside to surface protection, we provide options for product identification and decorative purposes. We offer powder coating and spray paint as well. Our chemical coatings are environmental friendly, both REACH and RoSH compliance. Refer to our colour chart ( web link ) for the available finishes.


We strive at continuous improvement in timely delivery of good quality and service to our customers. We practice tight in-house quality control with a pool of standard inspection and test equipment, and measuring tools such as go-no-go gauges, feeler gauge, height gauge, hardness tester, vision scanner, digital calipers, magnified luxo lamps, ESD meter to support the monitoring and control of product non-conformances. We possess a testing laboratory to back and assist our finishing activities. In terms of service differentiation, we offer customised testing, inspection jigs and gauges to our genuinely satisfied customers.
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